Ellen Lee – Paddler Bio (Phantom Dragons)

Ellen Lee (Nuts)

Ellen Lee (a/k/a Nuts) joined Phantom Dragons in June 2012 as a first time paddler to race in the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival.

Ellen Paddler

She had heard about dragon boat racing from friends in San Francisco, so when she moved to Colorado, she wanted to participate in an activity to remind her of home. After her first time debuting in CDBF, she was hooked on the sport! Ellen proceeded to travel with the team to out-of-state races including San Francisco in 2012, trained with the team through the winter season in a very cool indoor pool simulator, and competed with the Phantoms in another race in Arizona in 2013.

As a runner and a yogi, the level of conditioning and technique required of dragon boating was an eye-opener, but Ellen is dedicated to, and excited about, the opportunity for continual improvement!