Team Practices; Coaching; Equipment

Information concerning Practices and Coaching for our Individual Members and Affiliated Teams, and other benefits attributable to DRACO Membership (and related costs), is provided under the “Membership” menu, and summarized in the document linked below:

Membership Categories / Costs / Benefits

Additional provisions for Team Practices, the rental of other equipment by both member and non-member teams, and related services are outlined in the document linked below:

DRACO Training/Coaching/Stern Fees & Equipment Rental Policies

For information concerning rental of fully-outfitted dragon boats for corporate team-building or competitive events, please check out these pages:

Corporate Team-Building
Competitive Event Administration

Contact information to arrange for Coaching and/or Steering Services is provided below:

DBC Level II (Competitive Team) Certified Coaches

DBC Level I (Recreational Team) Coaches

  • Deborah J. Boyd   (certification pending)
  • Tom Ging   (certification pending)


  • Michael Boyd
  • Luke Esbenson
  • Tom Ging
  • Ross Labinger
  • Diana Shores
  • Caitlin Spurr