Fed Force Testimonial

Hi Cap’n Bligh, Princess and Hide Beater Coach,
You probably already know, but Fed Force took the silver in the Corporate Division at the 2010 Dragon Boat Festival. This was the team’s FIRST time medaling in the entire time we’ve been participating in this event! I believe we owe our success to all of the tips, techniques, training and race strategies I learned as a DRACO member and all of the coaching we received from you all at DRACO and our on water practices!
I want to personally thank DRACO for all of the help and personal coaching you gave to our team. In addition to having fun, we also won quite a few races and Tom’s prediction (of participating in up to 6 races) came true! Two races (the double elimination) has been our standard. In fact, we’ve NEVER left the festival so late (we’re usually done by noon). Lastly, I’ve never seen the team so “pumped and motivated” to win races in my four years on the team!
I’m a believer in the DRACO paddling technique and only hope to get better from here on!
Kimetha King