DRACO hosts EGMS Knight in Shining Armor Dragon Boat Race

On May 14, DRACO provided boats, equipment and technical assistance to help a group of East Grand Middle School students put on the Knight in Shining Armor Dragon Boat Race on Grand Lake, a fund-raiser to benefit the Shining Stars Foundation.  The event was this year’s effort by a Middle School class that does a service project each year to raise funds for a worthwhile cause.  In spite of “iffy” weather, the event was a great success, and everyone had a wonderful time.  Here’s an article in the local paper describing the event:  Dragon Boat Races on Grand Lake  

KISA Photo

Photos / Video

More photos can be seen here:  Knight in Shining Armor Dragon Boat Races

Here’s a link to the Championship Race.

Finally, a wonderful “Thank You” from the EGMS Students

EGMS Thank You